Signing the EFS Scholarship Agreement Sem. 1st/2020

For your information,
Regarding EFS Signing Agreement, here’s the process for Scholarship Recipients.

Signing Agreement
                Step 1: The scholarship recipient must fill in scholarship agreement by handwriting and submit all documents via saf@siit.tu.ac.th during 14th - 24th July 2020.

                  Due to the Covid-19 situation, the date of signing scholarship agreement at SIIT will be announced later, on the date of signing scholarship at SIIT, scholarship recipient must submit all original documents.
* Scholarship recipient who already stay in Thailand can contact Student Affairs and Alumni Relations Div., 2nd floor of SIIT main building ,Rangsit to sign for scholarship agreement within 29 July 2020.

Scholarship agreement and Required Documents: 
EFS Scholarship: A copy of Scholarship Recipient’s passport with signing your name to “Certify a true copy”
         Please follow the URL below for the scholarship's condition;
                - EFS scholarship agreement:  EFS Agreement
                - EFS payment guideline:  EFS payment guideline
An example of scholarship agreement and payment guideline is as followes:
               PhD: PhDAgreement_Example
               Master:  MasterAgreement_Example

**After submitting of signed Scholarship Agreement and payment guideline, the amount of scholarship will be recorded into the REG system for student’s courses enrollment.

Scholarship Recipients can proceed for courses enrollment on Aug. 3 (Mon) - 7 (Fri), 2020.

Courses Enrollment
Step 2: scholarship receipient must contact academic advisor to discuss about courses enrollment

Step 3: Proceed the Online courses enrollment. If there are any problems, contact the Academic Services and Registration Division via: asr@siit.tu.ac.th

Step 4: Pay the fee for deposit on damage to equipment and materials of 5,000 Baht (Refundable after graduation or termination of student status) within 24 Aug. 2020. 
The transfer fee must be paid by scholarship recipient.

Payment channel:

Bank Name: Thai Military Bank (Thammasat - Rangsit Branch)

Account Name: Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology

Account Number: 050-2-08189-6 (Saving Account)
Swiftcode: TMBKTHBK

When complete transferring, please submit the pay slip via: saf@siit.tu.ac.th


               The scholarship does not cover both of the deposit on damage fee and any late payment/enrollment. Those fee and fines must be paid by Scholarship Recipients (self-supported).

The scholarship covers tuition and educational support fees in the first and second semesters of each academic year. excluding:

  • TU Matriculation Fee (600 Baht) will be once deducted from the first payment of living allowance.
  • TU Educational Support Fees (800 Baht [IT Serviced by TU] + 55 Baht [Group Accident Insurance Fees] per semester) will be deducted from payment of living allowance on every first month of each regular semester

    ** The payment of living allowance will be proceed after scholarship recipient sign scholarship agreement at SIIT, Thailand. The normal period of transfer of living allowance and reimbursement is in the next month of arrival. The living allowance amount is consider on a case by case basis depend on your arrival period.
    For example if you arrive and completely sign the scholarship agreement at SIIT on 1st-14th September 2020, Full amount of living allowance (September 2020 : 10,000 Baht) will be transferred to your account in the beginning of next month (4th - 6th of October 2020). In case of arrive Thailand after 14th September 2020, an amount of living allowance will be consider on a case by case basis depend on the date of arrival.


Information for New EFS Scholarship Recipients
- Open a TMB bankbook account (Buddy from International Affairs and Corporate Relations Division will take care of the Scholarship Recipients to run this process.)
Required Documents: 
1. A copy of Scholarship Recipient’s passport with signing your name to “Certify a true copy” 
2. A copy of SIIT Acceptance Letter

- Contact Student Affairs and Alumni Relations Division during the working hour, 08:30 a.m.- 04:30 p.m. to:
                1. Submit a copy of the first page of TMB bankbook with Scholarship Recipient’s name and account number with signing to “Certify a true copy” to Student Affairs and Alumni Relations Division.

*TMB : The Thai Military Bank - TU Rangsit Branch. (An Account Name must be the same as the student’s name in Passport and Scholarship Agreement.)
                2. Make a request for living allowance (Afer enter to Thailand, the Scholarship Recipients are required to sign the form during the 1st-20th of every months.)

                3. Reimburse for Travel expense  and Visa fee (New Scholarship Recipients are required to submit the form to request for reimbursement after arrive Thailand)

The normal period of reimbursement is on  1st-20th of every months, the money will be transferred to student’s account in the begining of next month.

Required Documents:
1. An original receipt of air ticket 
2. An original boarding pass
3. An original receipt of visa fee
4. A copy of Scholarship Recipient’s passport with signing your name to “Certify a true copy” 

Scholarship Recipients must print out and submit the foreign exchange rates from this URL: BankofThailand to Student Affairs and Alumni Relations Division to support the reimbursement request for travel expense and visa fee. 

An example of the Bank of Thailand foreign exchange rates. RateExample

* Scholarship Recipients are not allowed to reimburse for an English Proficiency Test for Admission.

The reservation van on the date of signing agreement will be annouced  ( from SIIT Main Building Rangsit to Bangkadi Dormitory) 
For more information about Signing agreement please contact: pajaree@siit.tu.ac.th (Ms. Pajaree Treetrapetch, Student Affairs and Alumni Relations Division)