Signing the EFS(U) Scholarship Agreement Sem. 1st/2020

Welcome EFS(U) Scholarship Recipient! 

Here is information about signing agreement and process for EFS(U) Scholarship Recipient.

• Signing Scholarship Agreement session on August 2020 (precise date & time will be announced)

             Scholarship Coverages:
              1.  SIIT Educational Support and Tuition Fees
              2.  Health and accident insurance
              1. TU Educational Support Fee (2,780 Baht)
              2. TU Matriculation (400 Baht)
              3. Deposit on damage to equipment and materials (5,000 Baht)

            Required Documents:   Click here
            Recipient's parents must attend signing scholarship agreement session.  In case of parents cannot attend in any reasons, parents need to send an email to Ms. Ajima at  ajima@siit.tu.ac.th  so that i will send scholarship agreeement directly and submit  scholarship agreement with parents' signature  and all parents' required documents with signing your name to certify true copies.  

**After completion of signing Scholarship Agreement, the amount of scholarship will be recorded into the REG system for student’s courses enrollment.
Scholarship Recipients can proceed for the courses enrollment on Aug. 3 (Mon) - 7 (Fri), 2020 and pay the fee until Sep. 7 (Mon), 2020.

For more information about Signing agreement please contact: ajima@siit.tu.ac.th 

Ms. Ajima Sasee
Student Affairs and Alumni Relations Division
Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT),
Thammasat University, Thailand
TEL: +66(0)2 986-9009 Ext. 1406, +66(0)80-785-2507, +66(0)80-602-3050