Signing the Quarter Scholarship Agreement Sem. 2nd/2020

Signing Quarter Scholarship Agreement online session within 5-7 Jan. 2021, 15.00 Hrs. 
Due to the Covid-19 situation, the date of signing scholarship agreement at SIIT will be announced later.
Quarter scholarship agreement and condition : GradAgreementQuarter
Example of scholarship agreement: example
Please fill in the scholarship agreement by blue pen only

Required Documents:  RequiredDoc
Due to the Covid-19 situation, scholarship recipient can submit the scholarship agreement by email to: saf@siit.tu.ac.th within 5-7 Jan. 2021, 12.00 Hrs. The date of signing scholarship agreement at SIIT will be announced later, on the date of signing agreement scholarship recipient and guarantor must come in person to sign the scholarship agreement and submit all required documents to SIIT

**After completion of signing Scholarship Agreementthe amount of scholarship will be recorded into the REG system for student’s courses enrollment.

Scholarship Recipients can proceed for the courses enrollment on Jan. 6 - 8 , 2021

  The scholarship does not cover  the deposit on damage fee, TU Fees and any late payment/enrollment. Those fee and fines must be paid by Scholarship Recipients (self-supported).

               Scholarship recipient must pay for the deposit on damage to equipment and materials and TU fees of 6,455 Baht within within 25 Jan. 2021. The transfer fee must be paid by scholarship recipient.

- Deposit on damage to equipment and materials(5,000 Baht) **Refundable after graduation or termination of student status** 
- TUEducational Support Fees (800 Baht [IT Serviced by TU]    - Matriculation fee (600 Baht)     - Accident insurance (55 Baht)

Payment channel:

Bank Name: Thai Military Bank (Thammasat - Rangsit Branch)

Account Name: Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology

Account Number: 050-2-08189-6 (Saving Account)

Swiftcode: TMBKTHBK

When complete transferring, please submit the pay slip to Finance Div. by line ID: fin.siit 

Remark: The transfer fee and any late payment must be paid by scholarship recipients (self-supported).

For more information about Signing agreement please contact: pajaree@siit.tu.ac.th (Ms. Pajaree Treetrapetch, Student Affairs and Alumni Relations Division)